Italy: Sample Itineraries

Here are a few of the Itineraries we have already put together for people touring Italy - click on the tour title for more details.

An Italian Interlude

Inspiring Italy

Sicily and Southern Italy

Exploring Tuscany and Umbria


The legacy of Ancient Rome, food, the Renaissance, football, fast cars - it seems that, whatever Italians do or have done through the centuries, it is done with style and passion. Tours to Italy are usually based around visits to Rome, Florence and Venice with various places of interest in between. Whether your particular interest lies in the Roman ruins of Pompeii, the Byzantine mosaics in Ravenna or the Renaissance masterpieces in so many cities, there is more than anyone could wish for in Italy.

E-mail us your ideas and we will be pleased to draw up a draft itinerary for you to help make that "trip of a lifetime" a reality.