Britain: Sample Itineraries

Here are a few of the Itineraries we have already put together for people touring Britain - click on the tour title for more details.

An English Encounter

The Best of Southern England

Britain at Its Best

A Celtic Pilgrimage to Northern Britain

Art and Architecture of Britain


Castles, cathedrals, countryside. Playwrights, poets, paintings. Whatever your cultural interest, Britain has plenty of it. Starting with Julius Caesar, Britain has over 2000 years of written history and you can go back twice as far as that when you visit Stonehenge or Avebury. History and heritage are everywhere. As a rule, we try to offer a variety of visits each day so, typically, you might see a castle in the morning, have lunch in a cathedral city and a visit to a stately home and garden in the afternoon. Whether you are a first time visitor wanting to take a tour of some of Britain's highlights or a seasoned Anglophile looking for a tour taking in some of the less visited sights, we will be pleased to design a suggested itinerary to fit your needs. Just let us know your dreams and we will try to turn them into reality.