Pilgrimages: Sample Itineraries

Here are a few of the Itineraries we have already put together for pilgrimages - click on the tour title for more details.


A Pilgrimage to Northern Britain

Great Cathedrals of England

In the Footsteps of St.Columba

Presbyterian Heritage


An Irish Pilgrimage


Pilgrimage Tours

There is a wealth of choice of destinations for Christian groups wishing to combine visits to Christian sites with more secular places. Whether it be an Episcopal trip to England, a Roman Catholic trip to Italy, a Presbyterian trip to Scotland, a Methodist trip to England or a Lutheran trip to Germany we can combine your particular interests with sightseeing to suit your taste.

We can combine time "in retreat" and arrange meetings with local groups of your denomination.

We particularly specialise in trips to Iona and Holy Island (Lindisfarne). We believe that we are the only tour operator that arranges three night stays for groups on Iona. As the only two hotels on the island are not keen to take groups for less than a week, we have befriended the proprietors of the bed and breakfasts and accommodate the group in that way. Most operators just take groups for a day trip from Oban. As this involves a ferry to Mull, an hour and a half coach journey across Mull and another ferry to Iona, they offer just enough time to stroll up to the abbey and back before it is time for the return journey.